Notes After 1 Day of NHL Action

Auston Matthews now has 7 points in 2 season-opening games.  *Disclaimer: Do not hold breath waiting to see what he does in next season’s inaugural game.  Doctors say that holding breath for that length can sometimes cause death.  PAPuckChronicles and all affiliates are not responsible for any voluntary suffocation.

Wayne Simmonds is on pace to score 246 goals this season.  

The Oilers have decided to rename the franchise The Edmonton McDavids.  Leon Draisaitl was the only member of McDavid’s supporting cast that could be found for comment.  Those comments were in German

Alex Pietrangelo is awesome (not news, but it needed to be said).


The First Wave

Hockey fans, awakened from their summer slumber, turn their snouts skyward.  The autumnal breeze from beyond the horizon brings rumors of a new season.  Unshaven and grotesque, these creatures will slowly meld into their favorite team’s jersey over the coming days.  Families will be put on hold, careers dismissed, for the offseason is ending and there will be hockey once more.

One such icetop zealot is the Flyers fan, who can be recognized by his surly expressions and colorful taunting of referees.  This unruly creature sacrifices hockey but once a week to pay respects to the Church of Carson Wentz.

Speaking of, howboudemiggles?


With the new season, the Flyers are starting to see their prospect pool flood over into the NHL:

Taylor Leier and Robert Hagg, who have been teammates for the last three years, are both sticking with the Flyers.  Scott Laughton, who already has over 100 games of NHL experience, has also earned himself a role back with the big club.

Morin and Sanheim seem to be fighting for the last roster spot on defense.  Both players looked excellent in preseason and will likely be on the Flyers roster by season’s end, but the team’s choice to waive Read over Manning or MacDonald may mean that there’s reluctance to play out the season with three rookie defensemen.  Sanheim seems the likely choice to be sent down once Ghost is healthy, but will have the opportunity to prove himself in the meantime.  

Oskar Lindblom, unfortunately, will spend some time in the AHL to start the year.  Though he played a strong all-around game in the preseason, he looked a little starstruck on offense.  He’ll be a call-up candidate for injury once he gets comfortable.

Oh, and Nolan Patrick fought David Krejci.


This season will be about growth for the Flyers.  These young players will have to become the veterans that guide future waves of prospects the same way that Provorov and Gostisbehere must do now.

PA Puck Chronicles is back with an awesome new logo.  Here’s to a new season of hockey.

Fleury Trade Theories

Let’s face it: Fleury’s on his way out of Pittsburgh.  Here are some of my hopeful trade partners and possible returns:


Pittsburgh: Marc-Andre Fleury


Winnipeg: An antique Atlanta Thrashers jersey with fabled Russian star Ilya Kovalchuk’s name on the back (Current ebay price: $40)


Pittsburgh: Marc-Andre Fleury + Kris Letang’s hair


SKT Moscow: An actual flower and Kris Letang’s lost dignity


Pittsburgh: Marc-Andre Fleury + Matt Cullen’s freedom


Buffalo: Ryan O’Reilly’s stick.


Pittsburgh: Marc-Andre Fleury


Las Vegas: ….  ….  maybe they’ll pay for his plane ticket after the expansion draft?


But on to real news.  Travis Konecny has more points than all but 3 players in the Penguins lineup.  This kid has shown poise, creativity and confidence.  I’m elated.

Oh, and let’s not talk about Sean Couturier just yet.  Let’s let everyone else figure it out on their own…

The Flyers early schedule has been rocky, to say the least, but has also shown flashes of excellence in short bursts.  The Flyers will pair up Ivan Provorov with Brandon Manning tonight, as the Streit/Provo combination hasn’t lived up to expectation thus far.  This may initially look like a throwaway pairing, but Manning has built a modicum of trust with the coaches in the first four games, and his 3 assists and +3 rating really represent the effort he’s been putting forward in my eyes.

I’m unlikely to catch tonight’s game, unfortunately, unless my lovely girlfriend and I are going to start making hockey games at weddings a tradition, which, now that I’m thinking about it, is kind of an excellent idea.

Side Note: Good for Vancouver and good for Edmonton.  So far.

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