The Continuation of the Chronicling of the Chronicles

Ladies and gentlemen, you can cease your relentless outrage; by popular demand, PA Puck Chronicles has returned, with more Philly surliness, more Pittsburgh (expletive) and a complete and thorough omission of any mention of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Except for that one.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about anything else.  


You know, I’d sign a hockey jersey for somebody too if they wore a picture of my face to a game.

Therapists have told me, and several bartenders agreed, that I should just enjoy these playoffs and appreciate the opportunity to see the creativity and drive of hockey’s best on the sport’s most exciting platform.  I don’t understand why I can’t find a therapist who is a reasonable human being.  

Instead, I’m going to stubbornly hang out over here in the offseason.


The Flyers find themselves in the advantageous spot of selecting second overall in next month’s entry draft.  From what I’ve read from the scouting community, there is little consensus in the debate between Nolan Patrick or Nico Hischier other than that Patrick has the size advantage and a superior shot, but Hischier is more creative and a better overall skater.  

And ol’ Ronny Hextall gets to sit back, congratulate his scouts on a job well done and let the New Jersey Devils decide who they take second overall.  And then he’ll tell his scouts to get back to work because the Flyers have ten more picks after that first rounder.

Don’t you worry PA Puck Chroniclers, we’ll be back soon.  I just can’t deal with the hate mail any longer.  And the protesting has to stop (We have a lot of fans in Venezuela).

Special thanks to the overwhelming support of our fan.  


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