El Capitan Returns

Let us just call Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews rabbits…

Sidney Crosby returned from a concussion on Tuesday after an abysmal display by the Penguins in the previous game against Nashville. The Panthers did an excellent job keeping him off the scoreboard. Until they didn’t. They left him alone in the slot. On a powerplay. ALONE.

That play helped spark the Penguins to another 3-2 win, their 4th of the season. And let’s face it…the Penguins going 3-2-1 without Crosby is about as good as they could hope for. The big stars stepped up as expected but there is only so much you can accomplish without having the best player on the world in your lineup.

I can’t wait to see if he can go on a tear and run the league as he has in the past.

McDavid and Matthews came out of the gate firing on all cylinders. I am surprised Matthews has been able to score like he has and the Toronto media hasn’t eaten him alive yet. I expect McDavid to stay in the top 5 in scoring all season. IF he can stay healthy (with the big goon Lucic by his side, I don’t expect too many body shots getting through without repercussions).

Shout out to Matt Cullen, the ageless wonder. Not many 4th line centers in this league that coach would willingly put in the spot typically occupied by the #1 center.


Fleury Watch is on….
-Murray signs a new deal
-Murray returns from injury and is placed in the back up roll awaiting his first start of the season
-Penguins don’t send Condon down yet to risk losing him on waivers

…this will be a fun progression of events as the trade deadline approaches. If he doesn’t move by then, I wonder what tricks JR has up his sleeve for the expansion draft.

Fun fact:
There are 79 rookie skaters in the NHL so far this year…the Penguins have 1, Scott Wilson. They also have 1 rookie goalie waiting to play his first game of the season (4 rookie goalies have GP in the NHL this season) and he has his name on the Cup…Matt Murray.




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